Why use it?

Over 100 environmental labels are active across the EU*, creating confusion and mistrust in environmental information in general and negatively impacting use of more environmentally friendly products and solutions.

With 80% of EU citizens increasingly buying environmentally friendly products, it has never been more important to engage and accurately inform consumers. The Metal Recycles ForeverTM mark unlocks consumers’ interest and emotional connection in the ‘metal forever loop’. It changes attitudes and generates interest by being active, not passive. And it places consumers at the heart of the circular economy.

Today, 75% of metal packaging is recycled in Europe, making metal packaging among the most recycled forms of packaging. High recycling rates lower overall energy consumption: using secondary raw material means an energy savings of compared to virgin material use

We are committed to an average European metal packaging recycling rate of 80% by 2020.

Metal Recycles ForeverTM prompts consumers to sort and recycle their metal packaging in order to make the material available for the next metal product, offsetting the need to use primary material in an increasingly resource and energy constrained world.

Future consumption models based upon a circular economy enable us to manage our resources better. Metal, being infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality is ideally suited to a high-value circular economy. The circular economy functions best when consumers, brand owners and the supply chain work as one to close the ‘real recycling loop.’

Consumer engagement and responsible behaviour are arguably top of the agenda for brand owners. Consumers and policy makers look to brand owners and retailers to be more resource efficient and help consumers to understand the value of recycling. The Metal Recycles ForeverTM mark provides that higher level of understanding and engagement.


*Ecolabel Index 2017